Sunday, June 7, 2009

Transform your purse

I want to show you a couple of great products for accessorizing your purse. I know! Who knew you could accessorize your purse?!? Both come from Je'Marie PurseHook and Accessories.

The Scarlett is a clip on accessory that transforms your purse from blah to brilliant. It is amazing what a difference a little decoration can make. It kind of reminds me of the kerchief square men where in their suit pocket to make the suit look new and different each time!

Are you looking for a new method to convert your bag from a day to day convenience to a trendy piece for a night downtown? Never fear that your bag will get lost in a sea of purses when you’re out to eat with the girls. Shrug away any worry about not being at the forefront of friendly fashion competition. The Scarlett is the perfect addition to the FUMI now elegantly trimming your purse, or will be a classy first time purchase from Je’Marie PurseHook & Accessories. At this great price- you can't go wrong! $19.95

The FUMI (or fashionable, unique, multi-purpose innovation) is a lot of fun! It is a beautiful bracelet (that even fits on my large wrists!) It is a purse accessory (so you don't have to go looking for it!) And it is a purse hook (so you don't have to put your purse on the floor!) There are some great purse hooks out there, but most would get lost before I could use them.

The FUMI comes in a variety of patterns and sales for about $25.

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