Saturday, June 13, 2009

Start a Christian Review Blog eBook

Courtney Chowning from FaithApproved has put together a 15 page ebook called Start a Christian Review Blog. The ebook with explain:
  • Basic Blog Terminology
  • How to setup your blog
  • Tips for selecting a blog name and tag line
  • Tips for selecting a blog theme and layout
  • Tips for choosing what products you want to review
  • How to get products to review
  • How to write great reviews
  • Tips on how to host a product giveaway
  • Tips for promoting giveaways
  • Sites to check out for further reading and help
Courtney does a great job of laying out the basics. The ebook is set up nicely and is easy to read. She explains the terms used (blog, platform, web host and domain name) and the steps necessary to start and maintain a Christian Review Blog. Courtney gives ideas of where to find the products to review (from starting with the products in our house, to joining a network, to contacting the company directly). Courtney then explains who to write a review and how to promote it. Additional resources and a check list are included.

My thoughts:
Where was this book a year ago!? It would have been so helpful when I was interested in getting started last year. The information is well formatted and easy to follow. After a couple of years of entering lots of sweepstakes (winning a few), I settled on blog sweeps about 2 years ago. After entering (and winning) quite a few, I started wondering how people got started getting free stuff to review and giveaway. I asked a few people, but nobody gave me much advice. I have learned as I've gone, and now I do quite a few reviews (sometimes too many!) But it was a slow process. I posted my first review in November after joining MomSelect (a network for Mom bloggers). That month, I got the courage to e-mail an author and ask to review her book Kissing and Cooking. I was surprised when she agreed to send me a copy.

Start a Christian Review Blog would be a great resource for anyone interesting in getting started writing a review blog.

Click here to view more details The price is $9.95 and comes with 3 bonus documents (blogging ideas, tech tools, and contest listing sites.)

Would you like to win a copy?

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