Thursday, June 4, 2009

Along Came You

Along Came You, the delightful debut children's book written by Karona Drummond and dramatically illustrated by Estelle Corke, tells of the transformation moms make from before kids to after kids. Along Came You was released by Zonderkids in April 2009.

Along Came You is a hardback picture book that contrasts the full and exciting life before kids with the full and exciting life after kids. Both lives are good, but different.

I absolutely love this book! I think my favorite line is
Before you,
my world was quiet.
After you,
There is joyful noise.
The picture looks like my princess, Crunchy. She usually has some sort of costume or jewelry on, and she loves to sing.

Karona captures some wonderful examples of the life changes that come with motherhood. I like that she doesn't make either picture out to be negative. Life before kids was great. Life after kids is great. The after is more colorful. She even says "I am still me".

One final word....when I write my children's book/s, I want Estelle Corke to illustrate them. She did such an awesome job of capturing the fun details (such as the swinging necklaces in the dance scene!)

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