Saturday, June 6, 2009

20 Easy Ways to Help Save the Earth

Youth soccer coach and eco-conscious citizen Coach Pedro Rita, believes teaching children to make simple changes in their daily lives may be the answer to saving the Earth from the destruction of past generations. In his new children's book, "20 Easy Ways to Help Save the Earth" (Author House, September 2008), Coach Pedro shows kids how their actions can affect their homes and communities and offers them easy-to-use, Earth-saving tips to inspire and empower our youth to protect the environment. 

"20 Easy Ways to Help Save the Earth" is full of situations kids encounter on a daily basis and takes a proactive approach to modeling new behaviors and attitudes that eco-conscious children can adopt. From tried-and-true suggestions such as recycling bottles and cans to innovative ideas like using rainwater for watering household plants, kids are encouraged to do their part and share their enthusiasm for conservation with others. 

20 Easy Ways..... is written in both Spanish and English.  My kids are always wanting to learn Spanish, and this is a great way to introduce some new words while re-enforcing the need to care for our planet.  I do not consider myself "green", but I do see the need to take care of the planet.  The tips shared in this book are practical and do-able. The pictures are bright and creative.  My family really enjoyed it.

See the trailer (below) for more information.

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