Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Mabel's Labels

More than a year ago, I won a package of label's from a blog. (Right now I couldn't even tell you which blog!) I chose to only use our last name because I didn't know which child would need them first. (And I was too cheap to buy the extra 2 sets.) When the labels arrived from Mabel's Labels I glanced at them and put them on the stack on my desk. Eventually John gathered stuff up and put them in a box. I've run across them a time or two but had no reason to get them out.

Until yesterday. Chewie is headed to camp today. I was not looking forward to writing all 7 letters of our last name 100 times. So I dug out the http://www.mabel.ca/ What a great time saver! Not to mention they look a whole lot better than than scribbles.

In my pack (which I believe was called the Camp Pack) I had 50 TagMates. These are small labels that attach to clothing tags. There were 8 round Shoe Labels (with clear plastic overlays) for the insole. There about 15 of the larger Sticky Labels for things that will be going through the dishwasher. And Chewie's favorite: a pair of Bag Tags. The looked like wide dog tags with a short chain.

I had everything labeled in about 15 minutes. Wow! I need to order a couple more sets!

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