Sunday, June 7, 2009

Bra Barrett

The Bra Barrette is a great way to add some drama to your outfits. I was not able to use the Bra Barrette myself because, as the website explains, the Bra Barrette is NOT one size fits all. Soon, in addition to the average size one, they are planning to release a "petite" and "large" version. But I love the idea of the Bra Barette. It is beautiful and functional.

The Bra Barrette is the essential tool every woman needs in her wardrobe. Made for a flexible and durable plastic, the Bra Barrette adds fashionable jewelry to the back while holding tank top, swimsuit or bra straps in place. Plain Bra Barrettes are ideal for keeping your straps hidden under clothing and staying professional at work. Charmed Bra Barrettes add personal style to the back with interchangeable charms and jewels. Genuine SWAROVSKI Crystallized Elements will add grace and elegance to any formal wear.

Q & A

How difficult is the Bra Barrette to put on?

It's not difficult at all. If you put your hands behind your head, you put on the Bra Barrette. You can also put the Bra Barrette on before you put on your attire and simply slide it over your head and then adjust the straps once you've fastened your top. Click Here to watch the video clip to see how to put it on.

How durable is the Bra Barrette?

It is extremely durable! It’s made from a food-grade plastic so it is flexible and comfortable to wear. It has been tested repeatedly for durability under normal wearing conditions. The product is guaranteed!

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