Thursday, March 5, 2009

Powder Art Review and Giveaway

Crescent, a leader in the art and framing industry, is providing a solution for parents looking for a hands-on alternative that encourages both creativity and educational development. Crescent’s new arts and crafts product, Powder Art,™is a mess-free twist on paint by numbers and a great activity for kids to explore their artistic abilities and build their reasoning and motor skills. The innovative peel and paint art activity uses revolutionary dry paint powder made of recycled paper, instead of paint. With easy-to-use paint-by-number designs, Powder Art allows kids to choose to follow the color guide or they can explore their creativity by either designating different colors for their design or mixing colors together for a customized picture. Powder Art is available in six designs appealing to both boys and girls. The suggested retail price per kit is approximately $8.99, making Powder Art a great value at around two dollars per art activity. Powder Art is available at select specialty retail locations and
This week I had the opportunity to try the Powder Art Peel and Paint sets. The suggested age was 5 and up. I chose to start with my 11 year old (Chewie). I chose not to try it with Crunchy (5) first. I think she will enjoy it, and she's been begging to do her own . We'll probably try it this weekend.
The cardboard package came with everything we needed to get started:
  • 8 PowderArt colors (in small zipper bags);
  • 4 5"x7" Peel and Paint designs
  • 1 paint brush
  • Plastic "Palette tray"
  • Full color instruction sheet
Chewie was excited to get started. He chose the giraffe from the Jungle Animals. I chose the Fairy from the Magical Moments set. Chewie started with dark colors (black, blue, green). I started with the light colors (yellow, white). I quickly realized I should have read the directions (or at least realized there was a reason that black was #1 and white was #8). Some of my colors "bled". (Specifically, the black dots on my yellow moon.) Chew did not have any of that problem because he started with black. (I makes sense. I just didn't think!) I thought about not telling you about my goof up, but I didn't you all to make the same mistake!
As you can see, Chewie's picture turned out very well! He really enjoyed it. He's anxious to try some more, and he wants me to get some for his next birthday party.
I only had two complaints, but they were minor. Some of the peel and stick pieces were a bit difficult to get off. Chewie quickly figured it out. I think the younger ones would have more trouble. (The instruction sheet did give a helpful tip to bend the design slightly to help release it.) The other thing was the paint baggies. I'm not sure how it could have been done differently, but I had a hard time getting it out of the baggie and into the tray.
The Powder Art kits get kudos from my family! Scroll down past the pictures to find out you can win a set to try!

First color: Black

4th color: Purple

All done!

Mom's finished piece

Win one of five (5!) packages of Powder Art.

To enter: Visit Powder Art and leave a comment with which pack you'd like if you win. (You can change your mind later.)

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Contest ends Monday, March 16th.
Limited to US addresses.

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