Sunday, March 1, 2009

Mak Rak crafts

Thanks to Faith Approved I had the opportunity to try out "His Kids Crafts" from The Mac Rak. These kits are all-inclusive.
Everything you need to create quality family time and memories with your kids, in one bag!
Glue, scissors, play dough, sequins, googly eyes....if the craft calls for it, you will find it in the kit. The kits are hand-assembled by a mom. (And, I would guess, with some help from her children!) I sat down with my daughter, Crunchy, this afternoon to try out the kit. Our kit was the April Bible Craft: a fun foam cross magnet with hearts spelling "God" and "Love" . Out kit included: clear instructions (with a picture of the completed project); 3 cross in different sizes; 7 letter hearts (the O is shared); a small glue bottle, and a strip of magnet. I read each of the directions to Crunchy, and she was able to do the project by herself. (She probably could have done it with just the picture, but I wanted to see how easy there were to follow. They were well written.) I really liked the final two instructions. The first was to get a Bible and read John 3:16. (Instead, Crunchy quoted it for me a couple of times. Thanks AWANAs!) The last instruction was to discuss why God loves us so much and why Jesus chose to live, die and be resurrected for us. It was an easy way to bring the activity from just a craft to a teaching time. The kit was well put together, and included encouraging notes on the packaging. My daughter enjoyed the time we spent together, and it was great to have a finished project in a very short time. Individual kits start at $3.75. Ours was $4.25. There is an option for a monthly subscription for $4.00 a month. In addition to the Bible crafts, there are featured crafts and surprise crafts.
My model Crunchy introducing the kit.

The kit comes with everything you need.

Gluing on the letters

Quoting John 3:16

All done!

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