Sunday, May 31, 2009


Faith Leaps

A couple of months ago---about the time I did my life plan--I won a 3 month membership to FaithLeaps. Fortunately, FaithLeaps is a self-paced study because I have not had time to complete all of the lessons yet. But I am excited about the lessons I've completed already.

FaithLeaps has already helped me define my passion, and then look at my personality and spiritual gifts (pastor/shepherd; mercy and prophecy). For a long time, I have felt like God has placed a call on my life to teach--specifically to be a conference speaker some day. I don't know what exactly that is going to look like, but FaithLeaps will be a great way for me to sharpen my vision and make decisions about how to proceed.

FaithLeaps was created by author, speaker and blogger, Alyssa Avant to help Christian women decide if they are called to take a Leap of Faith into speaking, writing, or other ministry. Alyssa defines a leap of faith as:

stepping out of your comfort zone into the hands of God.
FaithLeaps provides tools to help you confidently start a local church ministry, a speaking ministry, or writing outreach. FaithLeaps will help you prepare to take the leap into ministry.
During the 3 month training program, you will receive 6 lessons (every other week for 12 weeks) via e-mail. Each lesson includes a written lesson, a 45-60 minute audio seminar (including transcript), and a worksheet. The 6 lesson topics are:

Lesson #1 : Find Your Passion
Lesson #2 : Locate Your Audience
Lesson #3 : Create Your Content
Lesson #4 : Establish Your Position
Lesson #5 : Promote Your Mission
Lesson #6 : Just Do It, Do It Again
There are a couple of options for membership:

Membership inFaith Leaps Training is for 3 months. You will be billed once per month at the rate of$9.97 per month for 3 months. You CAN cancel at any time.
Want personal coaching? Add a 45 minute consult call with Alyssa every month pay $49.97 per month for 3 months.

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