Saturday, May 9, 2009

Amies Chris'topher Tote and wallet review

Amies Circle is a fun new line of products created by a graphics designer who wanted hip age-appropriate toys for young girls. Rather than try to make our kids into mini teenagers, Jubily Boy created a line of stationary, fashion and gift accessories for girls of all ages.

I received the Chris'topher tote and wallet (pictured above). They are cute enough for me to carry! In fact, when Crunchy (5) and Chewie (11) went out to sell candy bars for school, the tote was the perfect place to store the money. There is an inside zipper pocket where I put big bills and all the ones and change I just threw in the bag. It was quite roomy! It's small enough that Crunchy can carry it as a purse. (If I ever decide to give it up!) The tote sells for $18 and the walled for $12. There are a dozen Amies (French for friends) characters--each with a picture and description. The website even offers fun downloads of greeting cards, posters and coloring sheets.

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