Sunday, April 19, 2009

A Mother's Promise

Recently, I received a beautiful beaded lanyard to review. The one I received was made with white and silver beads. (There are several other colors available here.) The lanyard is long (mine came down almost to my waist.) I don't wear a name badge for work, but I do wear a name tag at church. I wore it today. And it looked beautiful! (I'll post a picture later.)But the story behind the necklaces is even more beautiful! From Kimberly Martinez (one of the founders):

My children love to pepper me with “what if” questions about the future. My answer to them: “No one knows what the future holds but the one thing I can promise is that you will always have my love, a roof over your head and food to eat.”

On a business trip to South Africa with Lisa, my partner and co-founder, we met mothers who could not keep that same promise to their families. For the first time, we considered what it would be like if we could not give our children a safe place to live or healthy food to eat. We considered what it would be like if we couldn’t make or keep “A Mother’s Promise.”

Compelled by a force bigger than ourselves, we set out to empower women in disadvantaged economies around the world so that they can provide life necessities to their children.

Our current project is in Guatemala where our fair trade wages allow local bead artisans to pay for shoes, school tution and nutritious food for their children. In addition to the feeling that comes from knowing we are providing better lives for these women and their families, we are also able to offer you unique, hand-crafted works of art that you will love and will feel good about purchasing.

Thank you for helping us keep “A Mother’s Promise.” —Kimberly Martinez

A Mother's Promise is just one product in the beautiful line offered by BooJee Beads. There are an assortment of lanyards (including some appropriate for men!) ; retractable badge reels ; badge clips; FunKey covers; and eyeglasses covers.

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